The Granger Spy Series begins with Blood Line and continues with Bloody Truth.  But are the Grangers doing now?


A week or so before she left for Yale, Leecy wanted to go for a sparring session at Herbert’s Gym on Lowe Street. I reluctantly agreed to go with her. I say ‘reluctantly’ because her mother and I had been training her since that summer’s incident, and somehow I’d been the one to suffer the most from the training. See, the kid had developed a devastating spinning sidekick and wheel kick, and I didn’t want to be her punching bag again. Still, there I was, parking the car and walking the three blocks with her to the old gym late one Saturday night.

But we never made it to the gym, because three young men, tried to rob us, and what was lucky for me was not so lucky for the would-be muggers. Leecy got her sparring session in right there in the middle of the street. Two sets of broken ribs and one cracked orbital socket later, the men were arrested for attempted robbery before being taken to the local hospital, and I took my daughter to Dairy Queen and bought her a Dilly bar.