I recently heard a male interviewer ask a female CEO if she could be a good mom and run a company.

The CEO remained composed. She answered the insane question confidently, letting the misogynist off the hook.  I have to admit I was impressed, because I, on the other hand, fumed. I wanted to ask the male interviewer if he could be a good dad and do his job, but I knew the answer to that. The misogynist is deaf to his own words and would likely respond by saying, “It’s a valid question for any CEO.” When has a male CEO ever been asked such a question? Answer: never.

No, instead I would ask the interviewer: “Do you think you could gain thirty pounds or more during pregnancy, give birth, then go back to work and run a company, and be expected to loose the baby weight, take the kids to school, cook breakfast and dinner, do the laundry, clean the house, make the beds, check homework, speak multiple languages fluently, hit the bull’s-eye of a target from half a mile away four out of four times with the sniper rifle of your choice, and empty the clip of a Glock 17 in a target’s center mass from sixty feet?”

“Tell me, can you do all that Matt?”



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