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Glancing away from the target, I saw Val. There was something emanating from her. Maybe the thrill of being on mission again after sixteen years of being a mom ignited something inside her, because she was glowing.

She was exquisite in her little black dress–all beauty and grace. Moving through the coach with such ease and composure, her presence alone was enough to cause the men to blush and the women to fume. She’s exactly what she needed to be tonight. She was irresistible, and I was the envy of all the men.

“Like mother, like daughter,” I said as Valerie eased up next to me. “You look amazing, and you still take my breath away.”

“Thank you, dear,” Valerie said, and kissed me full on the lips.

“Hmm…salty. You taste good,” I said.

“I’m starving so I sampled the caviar in the dining car. We haven’t eaten since this morning,” she explained.

Leecy, interrupting our private moment, said, “Okay, you two, this isn’t date night. The target is at my twelve o’clock. Time to station is fifteen minutes. Ready?”

Valerie and I sipped from my flute of champagne and said, “Ready.”


Copyright @ John J. Davis


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