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“I want to show you a trick,” we heard Leecy saying.

“You know a trick?” the target asked. “I can’t wait to see what it is.”

“I think you will like it.”

Looking through the glass window of the passageway door seeing Leecy land a spinning back fist on the chin of the target, dropping him with one punch before removing an auto injector from her thigh holster dosed with phenobarbital injecting the target, I said to Valerie, “that’s a nice trick.”

“Yes it is,” Val said. “I taught her everything I know.”

Arriving at the station, the First Class car door of the train opened to reveal Hodges and Franks dressed like paramedics standing next to a gurney. The ambulance, Franks was driving and Hodges rode shotgun, while Val and I rode in the rear with the prisoner and Leecy. Taking the prisoners picture, scanning his fingerprints and palm prints with an iPad, we emailed the data to Zach for analysis.

“We have the package,” Leecy informed the other team members via her earpiece, “and we’re en route to Kent International Airport. ETA is fifty minutes.”


Copyright @ John J. Davis


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