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“Eyes on target. I repeat: eyes on target. Time to join the party, ladies,” I said, just loud enough for my earpiece to pick up and transmit.

“Okay, okay” Leecy replied, “Hold on I’m coming.”

Entering the First Class lounge car like the sun rising over the horizon at dawn, unhurried but with a certainty of motion, Leecy wearing a mid thigh length dress drew the attention of everyman with a beating heart. Her shoulder length, dark hair, shimmering in the wash of moonlight shining through the panoramic glass ceiling looked like silk. The hem of her dress, revealing just enough leg at its end to stir the imagination served as the cherry on the cake that was distraction. Leecy, or Sophia, as she was to be called tonight, had arrived. Looking at her in the moonlight, it was hard to believe she was only months shy of her seventeenth birthday.

Watching the target, I saw he was keenly aware of the striking, unaccompanied young woman moving through the dining car, he, like all the other men, was calculating his odds of successfully engaging her. The other would-be suitors were unwanted, but they were good for the mission. We didn’t want what happened next to be easy.

“I think that had the desired effect on the room and the target,” I whispered.

Leecy nodded slightly, saying, “Target now ready to be engaged, I assume?”

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