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Enter for a chance to read the next installment in the Granger Spy Novel series before it is released to the world!  Bloody Truth, scheduled to release in December, will you leave you wanting to know more.

A lot can happen in three days. Friends can become enemies, enemies can become friends, and the truth, if you can find it, can get bloody.

When a mistake in a run-of-the-mill reconnaissance mission is ruthlessly exploited as a pretext for war, the Grangers must scramble to expose the plan before casualties start mounting. To make matters worse, someone is using a powerful computer algorithm against the international intelligence community, raiding files and manipulating reports.

Ron, Valerie, and Leecy go undercover to try to identify the real mastermind before the CIA and Interpol arrest the wrong person, leaving the world’s data vulnerable. But can they do it before they are exposed as agents?


One lucky fan will receive a signed copy of Bloody Truth by John J. Davis, and a $25 Target gift card.  Enter today for a chance to win.

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