I was recently offered an advanced reading copy of “Blood Line” by John J. Davis and I have to say that it is the kind of well-written action/suspense novel that goes beyond just getting you to sit on the edge of your seat; rather, it adds in family drama that grips you emotionally and sends you eagerly flipping from one page until the next as Ron Granger wages a war to save his family and uncover the secrets that have endangered them all. John J. Davis is a talented author who blends emotional drama with vivid action and tense suspense… getting your heart up and your mind working as you try to sift out the twists and turns that make this an entertaining espionage whodunit.

The writing is crisp and sharp, lush and vibrant, and fast-paced. Ron Granger, along with his wife Val and their daughter Leecy, are characters that have been well-developed in an authentic way. The characters forge a connection with the read and create an emotional response as the Granger family fights to stay alive in a fierce battle with everything from arms dealers to government agencies looking to get a piece of the pie. The descriptive writing and the strong dialogue up the ante in creating a smoothly plotted and engaging novel.

Overall, this was well worth the read and is a very promising start for Mr. Davis as an author. I’ll definitely be on the look out for the next book in the Granger Spy Novel series.

Sincerely, Bookworm Girl

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