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Official Review: Blood Line by John J. Davis
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[Following is the official review of “Blood Line” by John J. Davis.]

“Blood Line” is a fast paced thriller penned in the first point of view and the first instalment of a series. The book is a mix of crime, suspense and espionage in just the right proportions. The book starts up with a bang (literally) and ends up with fireworks. With intriguing situations coming left and right, the reader is hooked and stays on his toes throughout the story.

A supposedly simple burglary to the Grangers’ home that turns out bad, for the burglars that’s it, is the start of this enthralling book. The burglars sure picked up the wrong family to mess up with, as they find out to their sorrow. There is more behind the home break than meet the eye and the Grangers have to figure it out fast, as time runs out for them.

Meet the Grangers: Ron Granger, of the Indian heritage and an ex CIA agent, Valerie his wife and sidekick, which is more than she seems to be, and their teen bright daughter, Leecy. Valary is heading the family company, Inesco, with the aid of her parents, brothers and Ron. Now a gang of crooks are after a technical product of the said company and they will stop at nothing, including the kidnapping of Leccy, to get it.

After the failed break in, the Grangers ditch their home and are on the run till they can figure out their next step. A gang of ruthless criminals is after them and the police are on their tail as well. Ron contacts his ex CIA handler for advice and help, but her help comes with a price tag. Moles and spies are everywhere, and not even the various agencies and the Inesco Co. itself are immune from them. The situation goes downhill fast when Leccy is kidnapped by the ruthless gang. Her parents will pull out all the stops to rescue her and catch the gang in the process. Roque agents, smoke screens, moles, surprising twists, intrigue, high speed car chases, and much more besides are some of the pieces in this fine confection.

Kudos to the author for a well written book! The book grabbed me right from the beginning and I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. Although I pieced together some parts of the story, the author managed to fool me in others. Every loose string was tied up nicely and the author left an intriguing opening for the next book in the series. The mystery was built in a natural way and I liked the way the author dished up information about the background of the main characters. The inserted anecdotes about past missions add spice to the story.

The author introduces a well-drawn cast of characters which is strong and appealing. I could connect to the Grangers and liked their loyalty and love to each other. They sure rang truth! I rooted for them, felt for them and wanted them as my friends and allies… Together they made a hell of a team! Every good book needs good blacken characters and we have them in abundance here. The bad guys were so well portrayed that they managed to irritate me!

Once this book gets started, it turns into a fast paced ride that you do not want to get off. The book maintains the suspense from the stormy beginning to the dazzling end and there isn’t a dull moment. One could almost feel the bad guys breathing down his neck. I really enjoyed the book and found it a great read, so I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The author certainly knows how to captivate his audience and keep one interested right to the last page. I recommend this book to all lovers of the genre and would definitely read any further books in this series.

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